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Pleasant Corner: Stuck


Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: So that’s a coconut bisque, extra salt and lemon, hold the crackers with a half pint of unsweetened Pina Colada shaken and a side of ketchup cookies quarter baked with a stick of butter?


Customer: Uh, actually I’m here to fix the phone.


Manager: Dad! My favorite handyman! What have you been up to?


Dad: Oh, I’ve had my hand in this and that, ha ha.


Carl: Not me. It’s always my head that gets stuck in things.


Manager: John, why don’t we go over to the phone where it’s a little less bald?


(At the phone)


Dad: I think I see the problem! (tinker tinker) There we go! That will be 500 dollars please.


Manager: 500 dollars!? Take it out of Carl’s paycheck.


Carl: (Trying to get his head out of the cash register drawer) Over my dead body!




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