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Pleasant Corner: Haven’t Been Here


Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: Welcome to Pleasant Corner where your food is always made to order!


Customer: Yes I’d like the e-


Combover Carl: Order up! (Hands the customer a plate)


Customer: Did you-


Combover Carl: Salt it? Only the best salts for my customers!


Manager: Carl I’ve noticed something here lately..


Combover Carl: Yes?


Manager: You haven’t been here much.


Combover Carl: What do you mean? I’m here everyday!


Manager: A cardboard cutout of you standing behind the register isn’t the same as you being here!


Combover Carl: Can you blame me? I hardly ever get in trouble anymore. The cardboard me gets wrote on more than the real me gets wrote up!


Manager: I’m writing you AND the cutout up.


Cutout Carl: Hey, no fair!




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Quotes: Spot in the Mop Closet




“Hello new coworker! It’s about time we get some help around here! (Talks low) If the manager blows the whistle around his neck, I know a spot in the mop closet he never thinks to check! Is he that bad? Well, he only beats me with year-old french bread loaves every half hour on some days, but then again, I AM his favorite employee!”

- Combover Carl 

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Quotes: Premier Soup Restaurant

Published by in Quotes on February 28th, 2012




“The manager over at Crazyville’s premier soup restaurant, Pleasant Corner, is looking for you. He said he heard you’ve been helping people out so you should be well suited for the job! Well I wouldn’t call it a suit, but the uniform you get has a hat that looks like a big bowl!”

- KrazyQ 

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Pleasant Corner: Pina Colada




Customer: I’ll have the Pina Colada Special.


Combover Carl: Would you like fries with that?


Customer: ….no.


Combover Carl: YOU’RE FIRED!


Customer: But I don’t w-


Combover Carl: YOU’RE FIRED!


Manager: Are you mad about something Carl?


Combover Carl: Yeah, I stayed up all night watching a Puppets Show marathon. I didn’t get a bit of sleep! Uuuh oh yeah, my house collapsed too.


Manager: Again? That’s the third time this week!


Combover Carl: Well I guess that goes to show when you run out of nails, don’t use Poligrip on the rest.


Manager: Guess so…

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Pleasant Corner: Backed Up



Pleasant Corner


Customer: I’ll have what he’s having.


Combover Carl: Okay, cardboard chitlens it is.


Customer: No! Not him, him!


Combover Carl: Oh I see, so you want a small water?


Customer: Yes please.


Manager: Carl you need to hurry, the line to this place is backed up to the drug store.


Combover Carl: So?


Manager: In Virginia.


Combover Carl: Oh….I need a snack.


Manager: Here.


Combover Carl: Mmmmmmmm, fruity.


Manager: That was a rock Carl.


Combover Carl: I know!

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Pleasant Corner: Looking Good



Pleasant Corner


Customer: Stop looking at me!
Combover Carl: But staring is caring!
Customer: It’s creeping me out!
Combover Carl: But scaring is caring!
Manager: Cut it out Carl.
Combover Carl: Cut what?
Manager: Your paycheck!
Combover Carl: Can I still cash it?
Manager: No.
Combover Carl: Will do!

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