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Emails to KrazyQ: Don’t Worry!


Emails to KrazyQ


From: yugoslavia@agnisadvantage.chug
Subject: Don’t worry, this isn’t about a credit card!


Hello potential customer! Save big bucks on your next Dollar Tree purchase with our new Agnis Advantage card! Choose from over seven designs including and limited to:


American Flag


American Flag with 49 Stars


Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle Wearing Eyepatch


Jeep Cherokee


Jeep Cherokee Wearing Eyepatch


Los Angeles Projects


Tom Arnold


Apply now and receive no interest until tomorrow!

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Pleasant Corner: Backed Up



Pleasant Corner


Customer: I’ll have what he’s having.


Combover Carl: Okay, cardboard chitlens it is.


Customer: No! Not him, him!


Combover Carl: Oh I see, so you want a small water?


Customer: Yes please.


Manager: Carl you need to hurry, the line to this place is backed up to the drug store.


Combover Carl: So?


Manager: In Virginia.


Combover Carl: Oh….I need a snack.


Manager: Here.


Combover Carl: Mmmmmmmm, fruity.


Manager: That was a rock Carl.


Combover Carl: I know!

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