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Pleasant Corner: Haven’t Been Here


Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: Welcome to Pleasant Corner where your food is always made to order!


Customer: Yes I’d like the e-


Combover Carl: Order up! (Hands the customer a plate)


Customer: Did you-


Combover Carl: Salt it? Only the best salts for my customers!


Manager: Carl I’ve noticed something here lately..


Combover Carl: Yes?


Manager: You haven’t been here much.


Combover Carl: What do you mean? I’m here everyday!


Manager: A cardboard cutout of you standing behind the register isn’t the same as you being here!


Combover Carl: Can you blame me? I hardly ever get in trouble anymore. The cardboard me gets wrote on more than the real me gets wrote up!


Manager: I’m writing you AND the cutout up.


Cutout Carl: Hey, no fair!




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