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Pleasant Corner: Mascot Auditions



Pleasant Corner


Pleasant Corner has decided to get itself a mascot! Let’s look in on the auditions…


Man: The best soup at the best price, Pleasant Corner’s for you, I’m the Dancin’ Prancin’ Cracker, do you like my shoes!


Manager: NEXT!


Man: Hi I’m Scott Bean of Bean’s Laxatives and Company


Manager: NEXT!


Little boy: Where’s the bathroom daddy?


Manager: I’m not your daddy! Third door on the right! NEXT!


(Man starts beating bongo drums)


Man: Soup, soupity soup, soup man soup! This is the Soup Beatnik telling you to


Manager: NEXT!


Man: Woof woof! I’m Jimmy the Soup Mutt, I could eat at Pleasant Corner everyday! Of course, I’d eat rotten spaghetti if you gave it to me! Ruff ruff!


Manager: Oh that’s it! We’ll go with the first one!

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