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Mike and BoB: Hot Date


Mike and BoB


BoB: So then the book said, “Hey you’re the boss!” Ha ha ha!


Mike: Ha ha ha ha…wait, did you say “the” or “shoe?”


 BoB: The.


 Mike: Oh..I don’t get it.


 BoB: Hey Mike, I’ll sell you this shoe lace for a dollar!


 Mike: No.


 BoB: You drive a hard bargain, two dollars!


 Mike: Two fifty!


 BoB: Sold! Now I can use this money to get a fancy dinner on my date with Sally tonight!


 Mike: That’s good because I have a date with Suzanne!


 BoB: ….you don’t have a date do you?


 Mike: No…


 BoB: Tsk tsk, you shouldn’t lie like that.


 Mike: I know I know. Sorry.


 BoB: OK I’ll let it pass this time!


 Mike: You don’t have a date either do you?


 BoB: ……no

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