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Mike and BoB: A Little Down



Mike and BoB


(BoB is slouched on the couch, looking depressed)


Mike: What’s wrong?


BoB: Eh..just a little down.


(Mike sits down on the couch)


Mike: Talk to me about it…just don’t pull down the curtains and cover your face with them to show your sadness like last time.


BoB: This girl at school said a really mean thing to me.


Mike: You haven’t been to school in decades.


BoB: That’s the thing, how did I get there?


Mike: Maybe you were dreaming?


BoB: Aaah yeah, a dream…I guess that explains the hair to my shoulders and clowns doing back flips in the hallway.


Mike: ….wanna get a pizza?


BoB: I’ll drive.


Mike: I have to call it in, we don’t have a car.


BoB: We have a lawnmower.


Mike: I’ll just call it i-


(a motor starting up can be heard, BoB can be seen pushing a lawnmower down the road in the distance)

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