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Pleasant Corner: Haven’t Been Here


Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: Welcome to Pleasant Corner where your food is always made to order!


Customer: Yes I’d like the e-


Combover Carl: Order up! (Hands the customer a plate)


Customer: Did you-


Combover Carl: Salt it? Only the best salts for my customers!


Manager: Carl I’ve noticed something here lately..


Combover Carl: Yes?


Manager: You haven’t been here much.


Combover Carl: What do you mean? I’m here everyday!


Manager: A cardboard cutout of you standing behind the register isn’t the same as you being here!


Combover Carl: Can you blame me? I hardly ever get in trouble anymore. The cardboard me gets wrote on more than the real me gets wrote up!


Manager: I’m writing you AND the cutout up.


Cutout Carl: Hey, no fair!




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Pleasant Corner: Stuck


Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: So that’s a coconut bisque, extra salt and lemon, hold the crackers with a half pint of unsweetened Pina Colada shaken and a side of ketchup cookies quarter baked with a stick of butter?


Customer: Uh, actually I’m here to fix the phone.


Manager: Dad! My favorite handyman! What have you been up to?


Dad: Oh, I’ve had my hand in this and that, ha ha.


Carl: Not me. It’s always my head that gets stuck in things.


Manager: John, why don’t we go over to the phone where it’s a little less bald?


(At the phone)


Dad: I think I see the problem! (tinker tinker) There we go! That will be 500 dollars please.


Manager: 500 dollars!? Take it out of Carl’s paycheck.


Carl: (Trying to get his head out of the cash register drawer) Over my dead body!




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Pleasant Corner: Pina Colada




Customer: I’ll have the Pina Colada Special.


Combover Carl: Would you like fries with that?


Customer: ….no.


Combover Carl: YOU’RE FIRED!


Customer: But I don’t w-


Combover Carl: YOU’RE FIRED!


Manager: Are you mad about something Carl?


Combover Carl: Yeah, I stayed up all night watching a Puppets Show marathon. I didn’t get a bit of sleep! Uuuh oh yeah, my house collapsed too.


Manager: Again? That’s the third time this week!


Combover Carl: Well I guess that goes to show when you run out of nails, don’t use Poligrip on the rest.


Manager: Guess so…

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Pleasant Corner: Backed Up



Pleasant Corner


Customer: I’ll have what he’s having.


Combover Carl: Okay, cardboard chitlens it is.


Customer: No! Not him, him!


Combover Carl: Oh I see, so you want a small water?


Customer: Yes please.


Manager: Carl you need to hurry, the line to this place is backed up to the drug store.


Combover Carl: So?


Manager: In Virginia.


Combover Carl: Oh….I need a snack.


Manager: Here.


Combover Carl: Mmmmmmmm, fruity.


Manager: That was a rock Carl.


Combover Carl: I know!

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Pleasant Corner: Chicken Soup



Pleasant Corner


Combover Carl: Who ordered chicken soup?


Customer: I did you moth ball!


Combover Carl: Just for that I’m taking the fly out!


Customer: Curse you and your mangy dog!


Combover Carl: I don’t have a dog.


Customer: Then what’s that?


Combover Carl: That’s the manager! Get out!


(Carl throws him out the window)


Manager: Why didn’t you use the door?


Combover Carl: There’s a door?

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Pleasant Corner: Mascot Auditions



Pleasant Corner


Pleasant Corner has decided to get itself a mascot! Let’s look in on the auditions…


Man: The best soup at the best price, Pleasant Corner’s for you, I’m the Dancin’ Prancin’ Cracker, do you like my shoes!


Manager: NEXT!


Man: Hi I’m Scott Bean of Bean’s Laxatives and Company


Manager: NEXT!


Little boy: Where’s the bathroom daddy?


Manager: I’m not your daddy! Third door on the right! NEXT!


(Man starts beating bongo drums)


Man: Soup, soupity soup, soup man soup! This is the Soup Beatnik telling you to


Manager: NEXT!


Man: Woof woof! I’m Jimmy the Soup Mutt, I could eat at Pleasant Corner everyday! Of course, I’d eat rotten spaghetti if you gave it to me! Ruff ruff!


Manager: Oh that’s it! We’ll go with the first one!

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