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Mike and BoB: Movie Slacks


Mike and BoB


BoB: All set for the movies? I heard that Grandma’s Alligator Tragedy 7 is twice better than Grandma’s Alligator Tragedy 3!


Mike: My movie slacks are buckled and in the upright position!


BoB: Movie slacks? Mike I’ve watched your pants before, they wouldn’t make a good movie..


Mike: But they’re good for going to the movies! Look at all these compartments, all with their own unique use at the theater!


BoB: Ok, how about this pocket?


Mike: Peanuts, popcorn, and nonpareils!


BoB: And this sleeve?


Mike: Sodas, slurpees, and sundaes!


BoB: What about this big hole in the back?


Mike: What goes in must come out!


BoB: You go on, I’ll catch the next showing.


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Mike and BoB: New Toy


Mike and BoB


Mike: I just got a raise so I decided to go all out and get us something new!

BoB: Wow! You work?

Mike: Don’t you care about what I got? Here it is, a brand new Wii!

BoB: A wee what?

Mike: No you dunderhead, it’s a video game! You wave these remotes around in the air and it makes things move on the screen!

BoB: Sounds like a lot of work..

Mike: Come on, swordfight me!

BoB: Well, if you say so! (Pulls out a broadsword)

Mike: I mean with the Wii! Here you go, now hold it out. See what happens if I hit it?

BoB: Ow! You cut me!

Mike: What?

BoB: Watch out, you nearly put my eye out!

Mike: I didn’t touch you!

BoB: Get the Wii out of here!

Mike: I can’t! I put it on your credit card!

BoB: I don’t have a credit card! I just carry my dad’s expired one to feel cool!

Mike: I’ll pay you back when I get a real raise!

BoB: I still don’t think you work.


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Mike and BoB: Poker


Mike and BoB


(Good ol’ M and B are playing a game of poker)

BoB: Well, do you call or not?

Mike: Hmm I don’t know…I need to go sit on the can and think about it.

BoB: If you’re going to get the ace of your bike spokes, I took it out.

Mike: Why I never in all my life! Me, cheat!? The nerve of you, of all people!

BoB: Call?

Mike: Fold.


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Mike and BoB: Hot Date


Mike and BoB


BoB: So then the book said, “Hey you’re the boss!” Ha ha ha!


Mike: Ha ha ha ha…wait, did you say “the” or “shoe?”


 BoB: The.


 Mike: Oh..I don’t get it.


 BoB: Hey Mike, I’ll sell you this shoe lace for a dollar!


 Mike: No.


 BoB: You drive a hard bargain, two dollars!


 Mike: Two fifty!


 BoB: Sold! Now I can use this money to get a fancy dinner on my date with Sally tonight!


 Mike: That’s good because I have a date with Suzanne!


 BoB: ….you don’t have a date do you?


 Mike: No…


 BoB: Tsk tsk, you shouldn’t lie like that.


 Mike: I know I know. Sorry.


 BoB: OK I’ll let it pass this time!


 Mike: You don’t have a date either do you?


 BoB: ……no

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Mike and BoB: What Are They Really Thinking?


Mike and BoB


Mike: Good morning BoB! (Where am I?)


BoB: Hey there buddy! (This guy needs a shower..no wait that’s me)


Mike: I’m going to the store to get a few things, need anything? (If you say even one thing I’ll punch your throat)


BoB: Yeah! Well..no, not really. (You’d probably get the wrong brand of Rolaids)


Mike: Hey what’s this blue stuff all over the floor? (I hope I can eat it)


BoB: Oh, the lava lamp must’ve fallen over. (I hope I can eat it)


Mike: So are you going to clean it up? (Don’t say later)

BoB: I’ll do it while I eat this Now & Later.


Mike: I told you not to say later!


BoB: No you didn’t!


Mike: Let’s fight about it!


BoB: No, I’m anti-war. (I don’t stand a chance)


Mike: Fine, then I’m leaving. (I bet the handicap spots at the store are already taken by now)


BoB: Can I come with?


Mike: Well, I guess. (But you’re not coming back with me)


BoB: Alright! I can see if they have Crank on DVD! And Scrubs season six! Oh, there I go thinking out loud.

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Mike and BoB: Yuno



Mike and BoB


BoB: Knock knock


Mike: Who’s there?


BoB: Yuno.


Mike: Yuno who?


BoB: Hey, you’ve heard that one! Hahaha!


Mike: You’re crazy.


BoB: At least I didn’t swallow a rat because I thought I had a piece of cheese stuck in my throat!


Mike: OK! You’re not crazy! Just never bring that up EVER again!

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