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Experiments: Garbage Bag




Day 1, 1:00 PM


I’ve decided to see how long I can stay in this giant sized garbage bag outside of Wal-Mart. So far so good, and I’m not even hungry!


Day 1, 1:02 PM


I’m about to die from hunger. I need a bandaid and some glue for my knee. I can hear something talking to me..I’m scared…I’m going to end this part so I can use the bathroom, I’ll continue right when I get back.


Day 1, 3:12 PM


I’m back from the bathroom now and getting very sick to my stomach. I can’t breathe, I guess I should’ve put holes in the garbage bag but I was in a hurry. I’m starting to see things, images of The Breakfast Club keep popping up which makes me even more scared than before.


Day 2, 7:46 AM


Yes mommy, I’ll have pancakes. ahhhh, a polar bear! How did he get into my gumbo? Maybe we should invite him for supper. I’d like to buy an O Regis! What? You’re Pat? Oh sorry Alex! My boot itches!


Day 2, 4:26 PM


I just regained awareness of where I am, I’m lonely, cold, and my pants are too tight!


Day 3, 12:02 P.M.


I’ve been trying to rip this garbage bag open for the past 6 hours but it just won’t budge, maybe I should’ve brought my 2 year old sister’s scissors with me. It’s getting even hotter in here than before and my pants are tighter than ever, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last….


Day 3, 3:27 P.M.


I’ve thought about eating my shoe a couple of times, but I’ve decided it’s best if I don’t move. My bladder’s about to explode and I have no idea why, maybe it’s my imagination…


Day 3, 7:51 P.M.


I heard people laughing at me outside the bag, I tried to yell at them for help but I noticed I had a piece of tape over my mouth and by the time I got it off, the people were gone, I could really go for some Kool-Aid right now.


Day 3, 11:01 P.M.




Day 4, 2:12 P.M.


As I said before, I have a plan! I’m going to roll the garbage bag down the parking lot until it rips!


Day 9, 11:45 P.M.


I’ve been rolling for 5 days now, I’m growing tired and the the bag isn’t ripping. I think I’m in Tijuana because I heard some Mexicans outside the bag, talking about Revolucion.


Day 10, 5:51 A.M.


I’m out! I just woke up and I was out! Yaaaaay!! Hey…that guy has my garbage bag, hey! Give that back!!



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Experiments: Set a Tree On Fire





Day 1, 12:00 PM


Since I accomplished my first experiment so well, I’ve decided to start another one! I’m going to set a tree on fire and see how long it takes someone to notice!


Day 1, 12:02 PM


Experiment over!!!!!!! (Police sirens roar in the distance)

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