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Belch in Britain Pt. 2

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Belch in Britain (cont.)


Large Man: Who are you calling big?


Belch: Oh I’m sorry, hello Mr. Ben.


Large Man: You will address me as Packett.


Belch: Ok, where would you like to be sent?


Packett: You’re coming with me.


Packett leads Belch into an alleyway where a few rough looking men stand smugly.


Belch: Is this the chess club?


Packett: You’re one of us now. You will obey my every command.


Belch: Sounds like a pretty boring chess game…


Packett: Listen! You go over to Hazel’s Milk and Drug store and fetch us some pills.


Belch: Alright, what name is the prescription under?


Packett: It’s not a prescription! And you’re not going to pay.


Belch: Ooooh. I got you, I got you.



(To be continued)

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