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Belch in Britain Pt. 1

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Belch Smith, courageous news reporter, awakens in front of a large clock.


Belch: Ugh…guh… Where am I? The last thing I remember doing is questioning that angry donkey about the missing tablecloth for that scoop! But why am I telling myself this? I know already.


Belch begins to wonder across the street, paying no mind to the cars that are skidding and wrecking to avoid hitting him. After three minutes, he makes it across.


Belch: Hey! That lady has a rebel flag on her pocketbook! I bet she’s one of those good ol’ boys from the south I’ve always heard about!


Belch approaches the young woman.


Belch: Howdy, ya’ll! Get her done! I was wonder if you could let me borrow your pickup truck to get back to the good ol US of A, where dreams come true and if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you live to see the next day.


Lady: Excuse me? I don’t have a truck, and what is “howdy”?


Belch: Oh so you’re a sophisticated hick! Yes, that makes sense, you’re not wearing a potato sack today. I guess it’s Sunday.


Lady: What? You’re not from around here, are you? You might want to bugger off to Big Ben.


Belch: Big Ben? Yes, yes…Only Big Ben will know how to get me home.


Belch travels over the sidewalk a little longer and stops in front of a large man in a leather jacket.


Belch: Big Ben? Is it really you?



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