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Ace & John: Reading Rainbow


Ace & John


Ace: When was the last time you read a book?


John: Actually, just last night I read Game of Thrones!


Ace: Contrary to your dumb beliefs, Game of Thrones is actually a real book series, not just anything that you read while you’re sitting on the toilet!


John: My mistake. Let’s see.. Here is what I read. (He hands Ace a book)


Ace: John..this is a volume of the encyclopedia! Don’t tell me you read all of this during one sitting! What did you eat last night exactly?


John: I ate enough to get me through that very book cover to cover!


Ace: Now when you say cover to cover, do you mean you read all of the contents, or just the front and back covers?


John: Just the covers of course. I mean, if the inside was that important they wouldn’t have hidden it!


Ace: Now I understand, unfortunately.



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